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Vinyl Music Hall is always looking for qualified individuals to join our staff. If you would like to be considered for our bar, security or production teams, please forward your resume with a cover letter to info@vinylmusichall.com.


Volunteer at Vinyl

• Street Team •

Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola is recruiting a new street team and you can join!

We’re looking for dedicated individuals to help promote Vinyl and its shows all around the greater Pensacola area. Street team members will be expected to distribute posters and calendars, and meet once a month (either as a group or via chat room) to talk about promotions. In return, street team members will see shows at Vinyl for free!

Please review our FAQ section before inquiring about the Vinyl Street Team program.

If you are interested please send an email to streetteam@vinylmusichall.com with STREET TEAM in the subject line and provide the following information:

Your full name

Your home address

The best phone number to reach you

Your email address

Why you want to be on the street team

What area(s) you intend to cover

Thanks for your interest in making Pensacola’s music scene the best it can be!


Street Team FAQ:

Q: What will I be expected to do as a member of the Vinyl Street Team?

A: Members of Vinyl Music Hall’s Street Team are expected to complete three tasks each month:

Distribute Vinyl Music Hall calendar posters to approved retailers and other locations once or twice a month.

Distribute Vinyl Music Hall show posters weekly.

Keep us up to date with what you have done & what you plan to do.

You may show us your work via email or through a special Street Team Facebook Group that we have created. Keep a list of what locations you have visited & where you have placed posters. We’ll meet on a monthly basis at Vinyl to discuss Street Team strategies and to share success stories.


Q: Will my work ever be checked? How will the Vinyl Music Hall evaluate the work I do?

A: We expect you to do the work we have agreed upon. We will expect photos of the posters you place and for you to provide updates on any efforts you have made. We are not going to constantly check your work or hassle you to follow through on your agreement, but if it appears that you are not earning the associated perks we will offer you, our partnership will be terminated.


Q: What are my rewards for being a member of the Vinyl Street Team?

A: Street Team members will see shows at Vinyl Music Hall for free as long as they are in good standing.