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Thu, March 23, 2017

7:00 pm

Vinyl Music Hall

Pensacola, FL


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Weedeater is a Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal band from Wilmington, North Carolina, United States, formed in 1998. Featuring Dave "Dixie" Collins (ex-Buzzov•en, Bongzilla, Sourvein) on bass/vocals, Shep on guitar, and keko on drums, Weedeater has released four albums to date. In 2001 they released their debut, ...And Justice For Y'all, and in 2002 they released the follow-up, Sixteen Tons, produced by the legendary Billy Anderson. In 2007, the band was signed by Southern Lord to release their third album, God Luck And Good Speed, which was produced by Steve Albini. Jason… The Dragon was released in 2011.

Under the influence of weed, booze, and cough syrup, Weedeater's live performances never disappoint. Spite and deep resentment somehow fuse with comedy and maximum volume to produce an indignant and vomitous (both figuratively and sometimes literally) riot of Metal.
Formed in the North Carolina coastline community of Wrightsville Beach in 2001, the riff-fueled, distortion-driven rock of ASG that can be found on their latest effort has actually been at the band's core since its inception.

Initially forming as a three-piece instrumental project, due to the lack of a dedicated vocalist, ASG were intensely focusing on devising tight, driving guitar riffs, locking guitarist Jason Shi in with the rhythm section of bassist Andy Ellis and drummer Scott Key.

But as time passed and no vocalist was found, Shi was eventually forced to step up to the mic.

With Shi becoming more comfortable as a frontman, the group found themselves connecting with Volcom Entertainment, who signed the band and put them in the studio in 2003, to record their debut album, ...The Amplification of Self Gratification.

In 2005 ASG found themselves in a proper studio with proper producers, Matt Hyde and Phil Caivano, recording their sophomore album, Feeling Good Is Good Enough, an album that summoned all the band's potential and spawned a thunderous hard rock creation that equaled what the band had been working towards for the past 3 years.
Shortly after completing Feeling Good Is Good Enough, second guitarist, Jonah Citty, was added to help recreate the album's sounds live, which was none too soon as the band quickly found themselves on the road with the likes of Motorhead,Fu Manchu,Saviours,The Sword, Torche, Dwarves, and CKY.

In June 2007 ASG returned to Los Angeles to record their fourth album, entitled Win Us Over, with Matt Hyde again.

Win Us Over, is a vivid, psychedelic, and panoramic thrust that is just as much for the ears as it is for the aura; an experience in a colorful and dense cloth of abrasiveness.

Big beefy guitar riffs and melodic foreboding are soaked in Southern roadhouse whiskey, that just might be laced with psilocybin, and are hazed out through a kaleidoscopic squall that packs a walloping sonic punch.

While the ingredients of stoner rock, psychedelic metal, and angst-ridden punk rock are apparent, ASG doesn't fit under any particular category. Be you a fan of plain ol' rock and roll and don sleeveless flannels while sucking down 22 ouncers and gettin' rowdy - or enjoy waxin' deep on the bong, Win Us Over lives up to it's namesake and ensures that come January 22nd 2008, ASG won't be knocking on any doors; they'll be knocking them down.
It Starts Today
It Starts Today
FREE MUSIC! Go to http://purevolume.com/itstartstoday and download our last 2 albums for free!!!
Created in 2005. A collaboration of a vast variety of influences helps create the band's unique style.
Band Interests
Long walks on short piers.
Genre Punk/Hardcore/Metal/Rock
Members Rob Kelemen, Justin Saxton, Randy Blackwell, Beau DeMilly, Tony Johnson
Hometown Pensacola, FL
Bands we've shared the stage with: Strung Out, ASG, Thunderlip, B.L.O.R.R., Valient Thorr, The Ataris, The Hottness, Break the Silence, The Riot Before, Does it Matter, Destroy Destroy Destroy, The Shittheives, Against Me!, LiveNation FMX Tour, Warped Tour, Cleave (Japan), 16 Reasons (Japan), Harloe, Shadow Agency, What about me?, The Uprise, Reform, Evan's Blue, Framing Hanley, Teabaggin', Hello Danger, Drayton Sawyer, We Won't Stop, The Downtown Champions, Among Them, Terrific Kid, Whaleface, Crooked Edge, This Hideous Strength, No Fuego, Volume Wake Skate Videos, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Joey Northup, Asbury Independent, 60 Cycles of Sound, Deadly Fists of Kung Fu, Parabellum, Reform, Adam Roth, Suburban Shakedown, Deathface, Altered Egos, Amsden, Vanguard, Near Miss, Agent Orange, Cockfight...
Current Location Pensacola, Fl
Dark Star Coven
Dark Star Coven
DSC features ex-members of BEFORE I HANG, PARABELLUM, GUNS TO FIRE & WÜLFSHROUD, creating an occult cursed mix of crusty punk, death metal & doom.

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