Zander, El Dub

Sun, April 15, 2018

7:00 pm

Vinyl Music Hall

Pensacola, FL


This event is all ages

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The Wailers

The legendary Wailers band is carrying its revolutionary sound and message to loyal fans around the world. Steered by famed bassist and founder Aston “Familyman” Barrett, and joined in solidarity with original Wailers’ band members, The Wailers are on the brink of musical history!

This Wailers band promises to deliver music and talent perfected over numerous decades. Old-school members welcome the new-generation talent of drummer Aston Barrett Jr., Fams’ multi-talented son and nephew of Wailers co-founder and innovative drummer Carlton “Carly” Barrett. Familyman Barrett is heralded as a musical genius, was named as one of the most influential bass players of all times, and received the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award from Bass Player magazine.

Since 1974, Bob Marley & The Wailers have recorded, toured, and performed before millions of fans in multiple countries. They have claim to more than 250,000 Bob Marley & The Wailers records sold since the early 70s, including 1977’s Exodus, declared Best Album of the Century in 1999 by Time Magazine. The BBC named “One Love” Song of the Millennium that same year. The New York Times named Bob Marley the most significant musician of the century, and Rolling Stone magazine name Bob Marley & The Wailers Band of the Year in1976. All of these accolades were made possible with the Wailers band creation of and participation in timeless, distinctive music; intricate arrangements, and lyrics that touched fans everywhere. The incomparable Wailers are coming together, to perform on stage, and this is a slice of musical history you must not miss.

Aston “Familyman” Barrett - Bass & Band Leader - aka “Fams”
 Co-founder and Musical Director of The Wailers band since 1973.
 With brother, co-founder, and drummer Carlton “Carly” Barrett, the rhythm duo led Jamaica’s
leading show and dance bands of the 60s – The Hippy Boys and Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Upsetters.  Bob Marley invited the brothers to Perry’s Ark Studio in 1969 and soon invited them to be part
of the Wailers, with Bob, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer.
 Mentored Aswad’s Brinsley Forde, Sly & Robbie’s Robbie Shakespeare, and Bob Marley’s son
Julian Marley, among others.
 From Bob Marley & The Wailers’ 1974 debut album Natty Dread until Bob’s passing in 1981,
Familyman was Bob’s partner and friend.
 Bob Marley & The Wailers first live performance was at London’s Lyceum Ballroom in 1975.
 Familyman is credited on several recordings as co-writer, co-producer and co-arranger.
 Received the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award from Bass Player Magazine.
 Contributed to Bob Marley & The Wailers being named Band of the Year by Rolling Stone
Magazine in 1976; 1977’s Exodus album being named Album of the Century by Time Magazine in 1999; and the song “One Love” named Song of the Millennium by the BBC in 2000.
Junior Marvin - Lead Guitar & Vocals
 Born Arnold Hanson Marvin Kerr, Jr. in Jamaica, Junior moved to London at nine years old.
 Appeared in the Beatles’ movie Help, and was a member of the London cast of the musical Hair.  Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Jr. was known as a top blues/rock guitarist who performed with
American icons, such as Ike & Tina Turner and Blues legend T-Bone Walker.
 Junior was invited to play with Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley on the same day; he chose Bob
Marley because family and friends suggested he should, noting they were both from Jamaica.  Joining Bob Marley & The Wailers in 1977, Junior’s first recording was Exodus, named Best
Album of the 20th Century by Time Magazine.
 Junior has recorded on Kaya, Survival, Uprising, Babylon by Bus, Confrontation, and Legend.
 After moving to Washington, DC in the late ‘90s, Junior had his own radio show on Sirius XM’s
The Joint called “Marley Lives.”
 Junior has been touring steadily since Bob’s passing in 1981 with Junior Marvin’s Wailers.
Donald Kinsey - Lead Guitar & Vocals
 Acclaimed American guitarist from Gary, Indiana, home of the Jackson Five.
 Donald is the son of legendary Chicago Blues legend, Big Daddy Kinsey, and was a member of
Big Daddy Kinsey and the Kinsey Report.
 At the age of 15, Donald was given the nickname “BB King, Jr.”; by 18, he was playing with Blues
legend Albert King.
 Donald met Bob Marley at a combined Island Records press party for Bob and Donald’s band
White Lightnin’ in the mid-70s.
 Joined Bob Marley & The Wailers in 1976 to record Rastaman Vibration at Criteria studios in
Miami, FL.
 Donald toured with Peter Tosh following the release of Legalize It, an album he performed on,
as well as Mama Africa and Bush Doctor.
 Following Donald’s guidance, Peter Tosh reluctantly recorded “Johnny B. Goode,” and it soon
became one of Peter’s favorite tracks.
 In 1976, Donald was with Marley in the 56 Hope Rd. kitchen when gunmen broke and
attempted to assassinate Bob and his crew while rehearsing for the Smile Jamaica concert; he
escaped uninjured.
 Following Smile Jamaica, Donald took a break from The Wailers to work with Tosh, and later
reunited with Bob in 1979.
Aston Barrett, Jr. - Drums & Musical Director
 Son of legendary bassist and Wailers band co-founder Aston “Familyman” Barrett
 Aston’s uncle is the iconic drummer and co-founder of The Wailers, Carlton “Carly” Barrett and
his maternal grandfather is Joe Higgs, the godfather of the Trench Town sound, renowned
singer, producer, and mentor.
 The multi-talented Aston Jr. plays drums, bass, keyboards, organ, and guitar; also a studio co-
owner, producer and arranger.
 A result of studying his famous uncle’s drumming style, Aston Jr. has captured the complex feel
that marked The Wailers booming bottom, and clearly marked him as the singular, next
generation Carly Barrett.
 The first stage show for an 8-year-old Barrett was performing with I-Three member Judy
Mowatt at an all girls’ high school in Kingston.
 Aston Jr. began playing the Hammond B3 organ in church as a 13-year-old protégé.
 Along with his father, the two Barrett’s created the musical soundtrack for the documentary
Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend.
 Before joining The Wailers in 2006, Aston Jr. performed and recorded with Julian Marley,
Stephen Marley, Lauryn Hill, and Nas.
 Aston Jr. carries on the legacy and carries forward the Barrett sound declaring “the Wailers
sound is the Barrett sound.”
Josh David Barrett - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
 Born in New Jersey of Jamaican descent, Josh currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.
 After meeting Aston Barrett Jr. in 2012, the two talented young artists stayed in touch until Josh
was invited to join The Wailers band in 2014.
 In addition to singing, Josh plays guitar, bass, drums, and piano.
 A trip to Tunisia cemented Josh’s dedication to Rastafari, a belief and lifestyle he embraces with
daily authenticity.
 Josh has recorded or performed with Gospel greats Tramaine Hawkins and Kim Burrell; R&B
and Hip-Hop greats Common, Q-tip, Kanye, Mary J. Blige, Solange, and producer Quincy Jones; and Reggae’s Chronixx, Ghetto Youth artists Dax Lion and Biggz General.
Shema McGregor - Vocals & Harmony
 Shema is the daughter of two Reggae legends – her mother is Judy Mowatt, a member of Bob
Marley’s I-Three and gospel artist, and her father is Freddie McGregor, multi-award winning
singer and performing artist, and head of the family’s Big Ship recording empire.
 At three-years-old, Shema was learning to play piano, and by seven playing violin.
 As a teen, Shema was playing keyboards with her childhood friends, Grammy-winner Damian
Marley and guitarist Shiah Coore, in a popular Jamaican band called Shepherd.
 Inside Big Ship, Shema records and produces alongside her hit-making, producing and
performing brothers, Stephen ‘Di Genius’ and Daniel ‘Chino’ McGregor.
 Shema is adept at singing Reggae and Dancehall, as well as gospel, pop, and soul ballads.
Owen “Dreadie” Reid - Rhythm Guitar & Bass
 Student of acclaimed Wailers’ bassist and mentor Aston “Familyman” Barrett  Originally from London, now based in Scottsdale, Arizona.
 Performs and tours with Marley’s son Julian Marley & The Uprising Band.
Javaughn Bond - Keyboards
 Originally from Port Antonio, JA; currently lives in Miami, FL.
 An established musician with the Ghetto Youths International & Tuff Gong labels in Kingston.  Performs and tours with Marley’s son Julian Marley & The Uprising Band.
Zander’s music vibrates with intense beats of pop, reggae, funk and rock. His performance and charisma can not be denied. Zander writes his music and plays his riveting guitar with energy and passion. His love of the beach and surfing is reflected in his music and brand. International travel with recent touring in Latin America and Australia has expanded Zander’s fanbase, and he hopes to ride his positive momentum with new music and epic shows.

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